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Curve Your Enthusiasm

We know! We know! We want to be outside as well.

Whether it’s a favourite park, your beloved run to the office or even pounding the pavements of your town or city, there is nothing like exercise in the great outdoors. We have special sympathy for our clients who are missing time on their bikes, outdoor sportswomen or men, swimmers or even sailors and rowers – anybody notice how quiet the UK’s waters have been?

Now of course, a gym design specialist is going to tell you that keeping your exercise up indoors is possible. Well, we’re going to tell you it’s both possible and in some ways preferable.

We’ll get to the ins and outs of virtual training in a later post (@peloton we love you) but what about some of the stalwarts of the functional cardio kit…. the mighty Curve treadmill. A curve treadmill is a self propelled running device that doesn’t use an engine like traditional treadmills. This has many benefits that will help you push through plateaus and smash your running and fitness goals!

The benefits of running on a device like these have always been broad:

1. It’s harder! Research published in the Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport outlines that running on a curve is around 30% harder than running on a treadmill. That’s 30% more calories burned! Participants in this study consumed an average of 32% more oxygen and had 16% higher heart rates. What does this mean? It means you’ll be getting fitter!

2. Curve treadmill running closely mimics the demands of outdoor running. It has been shown that users can have on average a 38% worse running economy on a curve vs a motorised treadmill. This means the curve will encourage you to adopt a much more efficient running technique and not rely on a motorised belt to do a lot of the work for you.

3. Some curve treadmills, such as the Skillmill by Technogym offer a resisted sprint option. This is where the belt adds resistance and you can push against it as if you were pushing a heavy sled. This is great for building strength and endurance in your legs and is a favourite with athletes such as sprinters and rugby players.

4. Unlike outdoor running, if you are using a curve you can program a set time or distance, aim to maintain a set pace and get instant feedback on your current and average pace. This can help those looking to reduce their 5K time or those that are just looking to get fitter.

5. Maybe you don’t have to choose! Thanks to the geniuses at Woodway they have developed the 4FRONT Treadmill. This piece of kit can operate as a traditional treadmill with a motor, a curve treadmill and a resisted treadmill. It is the complete treadmill experience.

6. It will save you money! Not only do the belts on a curve reflect outdoor running more accurately but they also last up to 150,000 miles longer than a traditional treadmill before they need maintenance.

7. These devices look slick AF! The NOHrD Sprintbok is the “Concours Lepine” design award winner and you can see why. The Sprintbok stands out in the crowd thanks to its elegant design features including a flexible wooden slat belt, a solid hardwood frame and a 17” touchscreen display. It is also a performance powerhouse with an integrated app that can track performance data as well as providing pre-designed running workouts and scenery runs.

As if these seven reasons weren’t enough, you’ll also avoid spreading Coronavirus and being a social pariah all in once go. You’re welcome!


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