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Logo Go Go…

Deciding on a logo, insignia, graphic or even crest (yes, crest!) for your gym or fitness studio can be as tough as a Monday morning beasting with your PT. However, it really can remind you and show others what you really want to achieve in that space. Be it an engraving on your personalised Dumbbells, a piece of street art on the main wall or even a light projection, this signature graphic is often a commitment to the magic you want to make in that space.

We get asked for all kinds – bespoke barbells, logoed door handles, gym stationary, luxe neon lights – especially for personal and individual gyms.

And we adore creating nothing more – it’s in those conversations that we really hear what fitness and wellbeing means to that person and their identity.

Whether it’s bold type, animalistic imagery or calm, minimalist design, these logos and insignias reveal a lot.

What type of logo or insignia would you go for?


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