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Mind your Mindfulness

A subject of regular debate here at LIFTD: why do all mindfulness and yoga spaces kinda look the same?

Whether it’s Thai paraphernalia, beech and oak floors and a supposedly soothing elephant’s breath wall, one could be forgiven for thinking that spirituality has a standard look book.

However, we’ve been experimenting with some very different influences and inspiration.

Wood you believe…?

High quality wood acoustic ceilings are not only a beautiful design feature but they also preserve the silence. This beauty can be extended into partitions and floors themselves – all with exquisite, complementary finishes. All our solutions – whether wood or alternatives – offer the utmost sustainability credentials and durability.

Into the abyss?

We don’t really believe in great, white hopes here – your relaxation or yoga space can be as black as night if that’s your groove.

Green,serene, relaxing scene?

Bringing all the feels of the forest into your fitness can really LEAF you feeling at peace.

Calm before the storm?

Performance and mindful spaces are not mutually exclusive. Perhaps your intensive training space could do with a convertible area or nook to unwind in?

We all find inner peace in different settings, let your mediation, relaxation or
yoga space reflect that.


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