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The real world? What’s that again?

After what is now months of lockdown, our concept of reality isn’t quite as, well…. locked down. Romance is a candle lit zoom call and Tiger King is the closest any of us are getting to a zoo or any other attraction. So how can we bring a little feel of reality into your fitness lives? Here are a couple of our favourite finds:

Virtual Reality Roads

Technogym Skillbike

The first stationary bike to feature a real shift gear, this product is a nod to road cycling enthusiasts everywhere. The gear shift allows riders to switch from power based training to hill climbing simulations. It also mimics the biomechanics of a real road bike with the frame and handlebars designed to accommodate different riding positions and postures such as road cycling, time trails and mountain biking.

With the ability to select to train different fitness parameters such as your functional power threshold or train specific performance skill sets used in real cycling, this bike really does provide an authentic experience to those looking to train like a pro.

Live the excitement of the mountains and the roads as the Skillbike integrates with apps such as Strava and Zwift. You can ride and compete with your friends and people all over the world or you can select pre-set routes such as stages of the Tour de France, get your head down and race!

Really Wet & Wild

The Hydrow

An expertly crafted aluminium frame, sleek ergonomic design, smooth frictionless strap and an electromagnetic drag mechanism make this rowing machine the closest experience to actually being on water than you can have. Every aspect of Hydrow is engineered by rowing experts to give you the most realistic experience possible.

A 22″ HD touchscreen and high quality sound system provide an immersive experience with live outdoor reality classes making the user feel that they are on the water.

So if you’re fed up with lockdown why not bring a little of the outside world inside and escape with virtual reality training.


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