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Those that sweat together…

Community is king, queen… and sometimes executioner! It’s perhaps no surprise that Netflix, Deliveroo and Le Creuset have all found themselves loaded in lockdown. However the true winners are those new contenders in community-led fitness with some brands soaring to household names almost over night.

While the likes of fitbit and Strava continue to unite groups over challenges and scores, the post-COVD19 world has also driven adoption of remote community-based classes and tech into homes. All this to ensure first class experiences for all. Here are our favourites


We all know Peloton have produced one of the finest home training tools in their spin bike, which offers a host of live classes to join, a live leaderboard and a vast library of on demand spin classes to give you all the motivation you need to push yourself harder than ever in your own front room. But did you know they offer a treadmill product to rival most on the market?…..

Peloton Tread

A solid well engineered machine the tread is different to most other treadmills. It features a running belt made of thick rubber slats, user friendly adjustable knobs to change speed rather than awkward buttons and of course a huge 32” HD touchscreen display.

Aside from the build quality the Tread offers the same user benefits as the bike. Over 10 live classes everyday, a huge library of on demand workouts and a live leaderboard to motivate you to work as hard as possible.

Technogym Bike

Not one to ever be left behind Technogym have jumped on the smart cycling from home concept and delivered the Technogym Bike. Offering live classes, on demand workouts and an inspiring community this bike will give Peloton a ride for its money! The major benefit of this bike over its rivals is the ‘Apple-like’ integrated network known as the “mywellness cloud” which interconnects all of the smart fitness products that Technogym offers, allowing users to track all of their fitness markers, activity levels, calories burned throughout the week and really build up a ‘fitness profile’ of the user.


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